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Carmen has extensive training and experience helping both adults and teens. She believes involving family members in therapy when necessary benefits clients most efficiently in cases such as parenting struggles, divorced parents and behavior issues in children. Carmen is a Level II trained EMDR therapist. This therapy is helpful for past or current traumas or struggles- including abuse, divorce, unhealthy relationships, low self-worth, guilt, and depression. She believes EMDR Therapy helps clients heal faster than traditional talk therapy, and has seen amazing results with this research based brain therapy. With children, Carmen integrates play therapy and Theraplay techniques along with EMDR. 

Carmen believes everyone can and does benefit from therapy, whether a few sessions or several months to get back on track. Clients often comment on how readily they feel comfortable with Carmen due to her genuine approach to therapy. She often uses humor in therapy, which helps adults and teens feel at ease quickly. Even the most resistant teens eventually open up with this style. Carmen works with parents on how best to respond to difficult behaviors and strong emotions. She is passionate about helping people find hope even when situations are hard and overwhelming. 

Carmen grew up in Parkville, Missouri. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1996 from Truman State University. She did her graduate work at the University of North Texas, where she received a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. Carmen has provided individual, family, and group therapy for the past 19 years with an emphasis on children, teens, and their families. She has worked with children and teens in both residential and outpatient therapeutic settings.

Carmen McHenry, M.A., LPC

117 N Water Street
Liberty MO 64068

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A note from Carmen:

I have spent my career working with children, families, and adults struggling to find happiness or peace. I feel blessed to have even been a part of it. The strength of my clients continues to amaze me. I would love to help your family see things in a new light, reconnect, and enjoy each other again. Everyone says that our children grow up so fast, and it is so true! Why waste any more time living in extreme stress and missing positive memories that could be made? Seeking therapy for you or your child means that you desire a better life for your family, and love them enough to take the next step. You won’t regret it. I am not promising an easy journey, but one that is definitely worth the rewards.

Carmen McHenry, M.A., LPC is an independent practitioner.

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