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We believe therapy with children is most effective using things they love! Play, art, puppets, Play-dough, games, pillows, bubbles, and songs! We use both play and art therapy techniques to address emotional and behavioral issues with children. We have an inviting play and art room where we may take off our shoes, sit on the floor, and begin working on their healing. Or we may sit at the art table with markers and allow them to communicate without focusing on words. Both clinical research and years of experience using such techniques have proven its effectiveness for treating issues parents are concerned about such as: anger, aggression, anxiety, depression, trauma, coping with divorce, and school difficulties. We help kids cope with life problems and express their feelings in non- threatening, creative ways. Children truly enjoy play therapy, and parents love watching their kids begin to learn to express and control their emotions more effectively.

​Visit the About Play Therapy section of the Association for Play Therapy, at a4pt.org -for more information on why play therapy is effective with children. We also use Theraplay techniques, and you may visit Theraplay.org for more information about that. -And, please call us to talk about how this may be useful to your own family and situation.

Water Street Family Counseling

117 N Water Street
Liberty MO 64068

Why choose Water Street?

At Water Street Family Counseling, we believe strongly that you are the best resource your child has, so involve you in the therapy process. Every parent needs support, and we desire to help you know how to help your child. Caregivers often come to us feeling overwhelmed and guilt ridden, wanting what’s best for their child or teen but uncertain how to help. Our therapists have extensive training and experience in working with children and families, and we are here for you.