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We are passionate about helping moms. Moms have asked us, “Why do I feel empty in the midst of all these wonderful times? ” or “I never knew I could have so much guilt – am I balancing everything?" 
"Am I doing the best for my kids? My marriage? We treat postpartum depression, and can help you understand if that is what you are struggling with. It isn't your fault. When helpful, we can coordinate your care with your primary physician, or refer you to a compassionate doctor in the event you need one.

As moms, we often experience stress, depression, anxiety, and feeling like we are impatient and short with our family members more than we want to be. The most important gift you can give your family is a healthy you! Trust your instincts if you feel like reaching out. 

Water Street Family Counseling

117 N Water Street
Liberty MO 64068