117 N. Water Street, Liberty, MO 64068


117 N Water Street
Liberty MO 64068

Women: You don't have to be a mom, or a woman focusing on parenting concerns in order to receive helpful counseling here. You may be a woman looking for relief from stress or feelings of unhappiness, and we are here for you too. We start with an assumption that most of our clients are healthy and working through life, and may need extra support or direction to navigate through some rough waters.

You may be struggling with questions, conflict in your relationships or work, or a past that is getting in the way of your happiness now. When you come in to Water Street you will be supported by a warm and attentive therapist, who is ready to listen, sort out the difficulties, offer guidance, and create concrete ways to bring you back to "you" as a whole and valuable person. We are dedicated to work with you, and together bring you above water and breathing easier!


Water Street Family Counseling