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Therapists and Professional Helpers Class

This thirty minute class is a guided meditation to release your stress and revive you in mind, body and spirit. Come for this experience! You give of yourself for a living; it's your turn to absorb some renewal time. There are a few gentle stretching sequences; dress comfortably.  Each class will include practicing some methods to release stress and reset your nervous system so you can keep going, in a healthy body and mental/emotional state. You can use the skills yourself and add to your own toolkit to help others. Together we are working hard for our community and beyond, and it is important to restore...for our own health and well being, for our families, and to keep being able to follow our mission of helping others.  You deserve this time to center, recover, release and feel renewed. With regular practice, that is actually possible in 30 minutes. 

Professional helpers include mental health therapists, nurses, doctors, first responders and emergency workers of any kind, and body workers. If you're wondering if you are included in this group please email or call me! 

When: First and Third Fridays 8:45-9:15 am, beginning 8/9/18.

Please call or email so I know you're coming!  

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Anxiety Relief Class

Release the grip of stress and anxiety by learning and practicing skills in this educational and experiential class.

What to expect in class:

This class is led by Victoria Ford, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. With the intention of sharing ways to live with more ease, she will teach practices from four aspects: mind, body, spirit and relationships. Members can participate as they feel comfortable, and are invited to practice the skills as they are taught.  Experiential examples include: listening and imagining during a guided imagery talk and noticing shifts in the body; creating their own resilient, calm place; practicing different conscious breathing patterns and finding a helpful one;  trying light body movement that feels restorative; and practicing expanded ways of thinking about anxiety when it arises.

By the end of the class you can decide what feels useful based on your experience, and bring some concrete practices home with you. I will offer this class once a month, however it is a "one time" class and not a series. 

*Dress comfortably

What not to expect:

This is not a support group, therapy group or process group. Members are not expected to share, and will not be called on to answer questions. While it is designed to be supportive and interactive, the goal is to learn specific skills and then have the space and guidance to gently practice. Additionally, this is not a sales opportunity and no products or services will be sold. 

Who should come: 

This is a class for every day adults (18 and over) who experience anxiety and stress to a degree that it is uncomfortable, and they are interested in learning and trying new skills to increase a sense of ease with life. These are practices we can ALL benefit from, just as a result of being human. We also offer a couples anxiety relief class; this one is great when there is a respectful, supportive partnership overall, and one or both partners are struggling with anxiety and would love to learn ways to help themselves and each other. 

This would not be appropriate for someone with severe debilitating anxiety, OCD, or significant unresolved trauma where they find themselves limited in ability to function/work...therapy services are available or can be referred, and would be recommended as this is not a therapy group. 

Please feel free to ask questions (you can use the form on this page) if you are uncertain if this is the right fit for you. In the interest of providing the best care for everyone, Victoria will check in with participants to confirm this is the best fit after receiving your email request for registration. 

When: First Mondays beginning Aug. 6, 2018

10-11:30 am and 6:00-7:30 pm (request the best time for your schedule)

Where: 117 N. Water Street, Liberty MO 64068 The class meets on the second floor and requires using a full flight of stairs.

Cost: $20 per person (cash or check paid at class beginning)

How to Register: Use the form on this page to request registration, or call Victoria Ford at 816-286-3878 and leave a voicemail.

Anxiety Relief Class for Couples

This class is also taught by Victoria Ford, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. The purpose of this class is to support your partnership in the midst of anxiety and stress. The same principles are taught with opportunity for the couple to build and practice their skills together, increase their understanding and learn supportive responsiveness for one another. 

Come as you are, dress comfy, and leave feeling more relaxed, with a deeper connection to one another. 

Register by emailing or calling, or use the form on this page as space is limited to three couples. 

When: First Tuesdays, beginning Aug 7, 2018      6:00 - 7:30 pm 
Cost: $40 per couple (cash or check paid at class beginning)

Class Offerings

The following three classes are currently available for registration. More classes and times may be added in the future.

​Water Street Family Counseling


117 N. Water Street, Liberty, MO 64068


Learn and practice skills for your mind: being in the present, changing mental habits, and building resilience.


Learn and practice skills for your body through use of the senses with gentle practices and light body movements.


Learn and practice skills for your heart and spirit: strengthen the connection to your source of energy, aliveness, and peace.


Learn and practice skills for your relationships: increase awareness of security seeking and how we're wired for that, strengthen your relationship with your own body, mind and spirit as well as with others.  

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Request Registration Here:

Victoria will return your email, and check in on to ensure we're a good fit at this time, and confirm dates/times and other details.